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Journal of the Communist Party of Australia

ISSUE 65August 2017


Welcome to the second issue of the Australian Marxist Review for 2017, a year that has already thrown down major challenges to the working class and its allies in Australia and around the world. Issue #65 has a strong historical and theoretical focus and begins with Rob Gowland’s article “Why Russia?”. In it he explains the unique conditions existing in Russia in 1917, that not only allowed for the overthrow of Tsarism and the seizure of state power by the working class, but also the maintenance of that power in the face of the seemingly overwhelming military might of imperialism.

The theme of the October Revolution continues in the first of a two part series by Michael Hooper on the historical context of Bolshevik actions and their reasoning following the October Revolution. In “Cause and consequences: Changes in Bolshevik policy from the October Revolution until Lenin’s death” part one, the specific actions of the Bolsheviks from the seizure of power until the onset of the civil war in 1918 are examined to show why they were necessary at that time and to provide historical lessons relevant for Communists today in their own struggles.

The second instalment of Craig Ryan’s series, “On the Illegality of War” focuses on the concept of the susceptibility of international law to influence and reinterpretation. These reinterpretations can lend international law a progressive character to aid the struggle against imperialism or can be used by imperialist powers to further “legitimise” and strengthen their domination.

While imperialist states are busy cementing their power in place, the world hurtles towards a climate catastrophe. In his article, “The Protection of Nature by the Soviet Government”, Dionysis Vourtsis explains in detail some of the ground-breaking achievements of Soviet scientists in the field of ecology, especially afforestation and climatology, and their efforts to protect the Soviet Union’s natural environment.

Finally, we have an extended discussion piece submitted as a reply to David Matters’ article, “The study of practice is necessarily linked to practice”, which hopes to develop on the question of theory and practice.

We encourage readers to submit articles and discussion comments for inclusion in the next issue of the AMR. Reader feedback and comments are always appreciated!

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