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ISSUE 64April 2017


Editorial notes

Welcome to the first issue of the Australian Marxist Review for 2017, a year that is shaping up to be an important one for the international working class movement. Issue #64 focuses on international issues in a broad way with topics ranging from an examination of the tactical decisions of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) to broader strategic questions of international law. more ...

SYRIZA: A false left

In its first days in office, the Syriza government made important symbolic gestures. Its leader, Alexis Tsipras, was sworn in as prime minister without taking a religious oath. He later went to pay his respects at a memorial for anti-Nazi fighters massacred by the occupying German army during the Second World War. These were highly symbolic events for Greeks. more ...

On the illegality of war – Part 1

In its quest to secure the predatory interests of transnational capital through the political and economic subjection of the world, imperialism baulks at no strategy to undermine the national independence and sovereignty of states. The imperialist powers, primarily the United States, Britain, and the European Union, variously sponsor terrorism, uprisings, coups (Syria, Libya, Ukraine), outright military assaults (Afghanistan, Iraq), or combinations of these and other strategies (Libya, Syria) to subvert the independence of states. more ...

Opposite directions:
The NEP and China’s Opening and Reform

Since the beginning of the “Opening and Reform” process in 1978, China has embarked upon a series of highly controversial reforms, causing debate in both bourgeois academic and Marxist circles. Proponents of current Chinese policy often justify their position by equating current reforms with Lenin’s New Economic Policy (NEP), taking it as a precedent. However, despite some similarities, the comparison between the two policies is tenuous and can lead to dangerous misunderstandings regarding the direction and effects of reform in China. Although the NEP and the Opening and Reform have some striking policy similarities, they were implemented under very different circumstances, with very different political understandings. more ...

The study of theory is
necessarily linked to practice

The study of theory is necessarily linked to practice. The theory of scientific socialism of which Marx and Engels were originators was a scientific discovery of laws governing human development. more ...

Drawing the Kafr Qasem Massacre
by Samia Halaby: A review

Samia Halaby has created a moving set of images melded with text into a seamless whole, a beautifully designed and produced book, Drawing the Kafr Qasem Massacre. She is a Palestinian contemporary artist and teacher with work in many public and private collections including that of the British Museum, the Guggenheim, Chicago Institute of Art, Detroit Institute of Art, Arab World Institute, Matahf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, and others. more ...

Comment on
Reliable friends of China by Bob Briton and The task of our time by Michael Hooper

These are important contributions to the development of a world communism movement. The International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties may yet develop into an “International”, but this will probably require the commitment of a communist party in power, such as the Communist Party of China (CPC). In any case, what the movement needs now in the way of enhanced communist education and collaboration to help counter the imperialist anti-communist threats would probably need to come from the CPC. more ...


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Editorial Board Members:

Dr Hannah Middleton (editor)
Michael Hooper (assistant-editor)
David Matters
Bob Briton

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