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Journal of the Communist Party of Australia

ISSUE 64April 2017

Comment on
Reliable friends of China by Bob Briton and The task of our time by Michael Hooper

AMR Issue 63 December 2016

These are important contributions to the development of a world communism movement. The International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties may yet develop into an “International”, but this will probably require the commitment of a communist party in power, such as the Communist Party of China (CPC). In any case, what the movement needs now in the way of enhanced communist education and collaboration to help counter the imperialist anti-communist threats would probably need to come from the CPC.

During the Soviet era, numerous Progress Press and Foreign Languages Press titles on the classics of Marxism-Leninism, as well as contemporary analysis and even art and literature were imported and distributed through centres like the SPA’s New Era Bookshop and before that the Socialist World Bookshop. The World Marxist Review, the English-language version of Problems of Peace and Socialism, was produced by the communist and workers parties from around the world from 1958 to 1990 and supported by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). Before that, the Communist Information Bureau (Comminform) of the CPSU produced the journal For a Lasting Peace, For a People’s Democracy from 1947 to 1956.

At the same time, there was an active local publishing scene providing analysis of the class struggle under Australian conditions. In the 1980s the SPA (as the CPA was then known) was able to publish books on the Accord, how communists work in the trade unions, and Australia’s security and sovereignty, among others. Since the retreat of communism in the early 1990s, there has been a decline in the publication of books and pamphlets by the CPA, even allowing for some displacement by online publication.

This new “Comminform” (for want of a better word) would be more than a news service like Granma or People’s Daily, but probably less than a fully developed International. It would assist in the publication and distribution of books and magazines. A greater publishing presence would increase the level of ideological and political education amongst comrades and the people.

The new “Comminform” would help keep alive the idea of communism. We have seen in the last decade and a half or so that when the class struggle did intensify, working class uprisings tended to be spontaneous or anarchist in outlook. In the Occupy movements, participants were quite hostile to the idea of political parties. In the absence of revolutionary leadership, it is no wonder that Occupy fizzled out.

A new “Comminform” and new “World Marxist Review” would help strengthen the hand of progressive forces around the world against the imperialist forces that have long sought the destruction of the communist countries.

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