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ISSUE 62October 2016


Editorial notes

While the previous issue of the Australian Marxist Review focused on the most recent offensive against the working class, issue #62 invites readers to reflect on their personal experiences in the socialist world. These recollections of the resistance of pioneering countries to imperialism should encourage us to struggle harder against the ever encroaching dictatorship of transnational corporations that threatens to sweep away the hard-won gains of working people. In the face of this threat, it is more important than ever to build solidarity, to avoid falling into the trap of narrow sectarianism and to chart a practical way forward.  more ...

The myth of Soviet backwardness

Rob Gowland
It is an axiom of anti-Communist propaganda that Socialism is not inventive, unlike capitalism. “Free enterprise” and “individualism” supposedly cause the creative juices to flow, whereas striving for the good of the mass of the people apparently fails to do this. It follows from this line of thinking, that the USA as the leading capitalist country has invented almost everything and the Soviet Union, as the leading socialist country, invented nothing worth mentioning.   more ...

Hungary – reflections on European socialism

Bob Briton
Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think back to the six months I spent in the Hungarian People’s Republic in 1985. And scarcely a week goes by that I’m not illustrating a political point with reference to my experiences there. I was deeply, favourably impressed with my first acquaintance with socialism in practice but, even without the benefit of current hindsight, I could see the problems looming. These would eventually sweep eastern European socialism away in a deeply regrettable act akin to throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  more ...

Life in a socialist country

Keith Headland
After living the greater part of my life in a capitalist society in Australia I have had many experiences in Cuba that have provoked surprise and admiration as I learn the subtle, and not so subtle differences between our two cultures, way of life and the Cuban reality. If you think you are widely travelled and know the ropes, well forget it all and start again because Cuba is so different to any other country for a lot of reasons.   more ...

Socialist Cuba

Vinnie Molina
After living in Guatemala for more than 20 years and learning about inequality in a multi ethnic and class divided society, Socialist Cuba is a beacon to follow. Cuba has been an example for Latin America and the world. The achievements of the Cuban revolution have shown what it is possible to achieve when people are put before profit.  more ...

Socialism NOW! Or maybe later?

Rob Gowland
In the 1930s, socialist revolutions had been successful only in the USSR (in other words, in most of the former Russian Empire) and neighbouring Mongolia but nowhere else. The rest of the world had still to achieve their successful revolutions. For Communist and workers’ parties, the revolution, the attaining of political power by the working class, was clearly the main task. As such, it was also assumed that it would be the most difficult.  more ...

Socialist Alliance split

David Matters
The continuous anguish of the organisations variously grouped on the basis of different levels of adherence to Trotskyism may seem something that we should just ignore and go about our business. Though for those of us struggling to win the working class to a position of being for itself and ending the capitalist’s rule of society it is anything but irrelevant. Many worthy individuals are ruined for life and lost to the cause of the working class or even worse trained and educated in Anti-communism through these organisations.  more ...

Dimitrov and today’s fight against TNC dictatorship

Peter Symon
Originally published in 1998
In August 1935, just 63 years ago, the international communist movement warned the working people of the world that a fascist offensive had been launched against the people of all countries and called for a struggle against it.  more ...


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Editorial Board Members:

Dr Hannah Middleton (editor), Michael Hooper (assistant-editor), David Matters, Bob Briton.

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