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ISSUE 60December 2015


Editorial notes

For the working class and other exploited people of every country, international crises are pressing in with greater and greater force. Climate change, imperialist wars, proxy wars and masses of refugees, an economic crisis and moves to cement global corporate dictatorship through trade and investment pacts – these are the matters negatively impacting upon billions of people’s lives. The size of the challenge is growing and millions upon millions of people are being drawn into struggle but, generally speaking, the struggles have been slow to link up. Solidarity with an international vision is required and this includes among the parties that make up the international Communist movement. This issue of the Australian Marxist Review is a contribution on the theme of internationalism, the obstacles it faces in this era of capitalist globalisation and the many opportunities to rally the forces working for socialism.  more ...

Alternative to global capitalist offensive: Asia’s response

Bob Briton
The international situation remains highly charged with potential for new wars in several spheres. US imperialism is desperately pursuing its unchanged strategy for global domination despite economic crises at home and in the economies of its traditional allies, including Australia.  more ...

Opening speech of the Secretary of the CC of the Communist Party of Turkey, Kemal Okuyan, IMCWP

I welcome you to the 17th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties. As the Communist Party in Turkey, we are very glad to see our comrades from all over the world here in Istanbul. I assure you that we try our best for a productive, secure and comradely meeting that is realized under continuously changing and quite challenging circumstances. Yet all we can do is to apologize in advance for any sort of possible inconveniences.  more ...

The Third International and its place in history

The imperialists of the Entente countries are blockading Russia in an effort to cut off the Soviet Republic, as a seat of infection, from the capitalist world. These people, who boast about their “democratic” institutions, are so blinded by their hatred of the Soviet Republic that they do not see how ridiculous they are making themselves. Just think of it, the advanced, most civilised and “democratic” countries, armed to the teeth and enjoying undivided military sway over the whole world, are mortally afraid of the ideological infection coming from a ruined, starving, backward, and even, they assert, semi-savage country!   more ...

Opinion: Lenin’s analysis of imperialism – a pioneering work

Lars Ulrik Thomsen
Currently fashionable theories on the left, such as the concept of transnational capital, propose that the concept of imperialism, and more specifically Lenin’s theory of imperialism, is out of date and irrelevant to the worldwide labour movement. However, careful consideration shows that Lenin’s theory of imperialism, which sees it as a stage of capitalist development associated with the rise of monopoly capital and an enhanced role for the state, is still the only solid foundation for grasping the nature of today’s capitalist world economy, even with all of the changes that have taken place since Lenin’s time.  more ...

Communist cooperation: building links between fraternal parties

Michael Hooper
Proletarian internationalism is one of the unique features of Marxism-Leninism and a guiding principle for the theory and practice of communist parties. Marx and Engels expounded the idea that it is not enough for the proletariat of one country to rise up and depose their own bourgeoisie. It is absolutely essential for them to wage a common struggle with the international proletariat for the complete defeat of all exploiters and the final liberation of all humankind.  more ...

For an International University of Marxism

Wadi’h Halabi
Completing humanity’s historic transition from capitalism to socialism is not rocket science, it is more complicated. It will demand dynamic mobilizing of the international working class under rapidly changing conditions and enormous social, political and environmental pressures.  more ...

Speech at the 6th World Socialism Forum in Beijing

Michael Hooper
Scholars and comrades, it is an honour to be here today. More, now than ever it is vital for Chinese and international comrades to meet and find ways to cooperate in the international struggle of the working class.  more ...

The post-war Communist Party of Australia and its prospects

Yang Chengguo
From the date of its establishment, the Communist Party of Australia has been adhering to the theoretical guidance of Marxism-Leninism, seeking to unite the working class and the working people of Australia, opposing the reactionary rule of monopoly capital, maintaining political and economic interests of the Australian people, and struggling heroically for social progress. However, after WW2, under the impact of a variety of factors, the Communist Party of Australia has gradually faded.  more ...


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Editorial Board Members:

Dr Hannah Middleton (editor), Michael Hooper (assistant-editor), David Matters, Bob Briton.

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