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Journal of the Communist Party of Australia

ISSUE 59October 2015

Editorial Notes

On the 9th of May, 70 years ago, the Soviet Union and its Western Allies liberated the people of Europe from the horrors of Fascism. In the same year, on the third of September, Asia was freed from a decade of suffering at the hands of Japanese Militarism. While the 9th of May and 3rd of September saw the victory of humanity in the world anti-fascist war, it did not mean an end to the constant machinations of the class enemy. As the articles by Yuriy Rubtsov and Ekaterina Blinova will show, the imperialist powers, particularly Britain and the United States had already begun planning the destruction of the Soviet Union before the fall of Berlin. With allies like these, who needs enemies?

The necessity of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to forestall the foretasted millions of casualties that an invasion of the Japanese home islands would result in, is a common myth that has long been used to justify a horrifying act of barbarity. If the bombings were not necessary, then why were they carried out? A contribution from Washingon’s blog sheds light on the real reason for the nuclear bombing using extensive historical evidence collected from US generals, scientists and top level politicians, demonstrating that the real purpose was to demonstrate the power of the US to the Soviet Union. In essence, it was the first shot of the Cold War.

The brazen use of military power by the United States without any regard for civilian deaths or the sovereignty of other countries is nothing new, but what has changed is the increasing role of Special Forces in US foreign policy. Nick Turse’s piece The Golden Age of Black Ops is a comprehensive account of the structure of US Special Forces and their actions across the globe. From seemingly mundane training exercises to kidnapping missions and assassinations carried out illegally in the territory of other countries, these US commandos carry out the foreign policy objectives of their masters in Washington, completely unaccountable to the US public.

The aforementioned special forces were but one of the tools used by imperialist powers in their quest to dominate the Middle East. In her book review of Genocide of Iraq, Dr Vera Butler presents the rise of Arab Nationalism following World War Two and the actions of people throughout the Middle East to create, secular, free and democratic countries with independent foreign policies. Such a move towards a better world is an inherent threat to Imperialism, and as Dr Butler demonstrates in her review, the reaction by imperialists was to use any means necessary to crush any aspirations of freedom, democracy and an escape from theocracy.

Imperialism not only wages war with guns and planes, it also carries out a global ideological war. In his article War on Progress by other means, Bob Briton introduces readers to a worrying failure by previous and existing socialist societies to adequately protect themselves from the effects of imperialist cultural and ideological invasion. The survival of socialist societies will depend on the ability of communists to carry out ideological work in a new way.

As long as imperialist powers continue to spread war across the planet, it is the task of communists to cooperate with all progressive people to oppose them. As our forebears took up arms in the anti-fascist struggle 70 years ago, comrades today must arm themselves with a Marxist-Leninist understanding of the actions of modern Imperialism and fight against it! In the final article of this issue of the AMR, Jerónimo de Sousa of the Communist Party of Portugal explains the situation facing communists today and the need to fight back against the class enemy.

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