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Journal of the Communist Party of Australia

ISSUE 57December 2014

Editorial notes

This issue of the Australian Marxist Review reflects a broad cross section of the world-wide struggle against capitalism and imperialism. There have been gains and causes for optimism for the ultimate success of the great cause of socialism in recent times. But there have been many setbacks, particularly in countries like Australia where the Abbott government continues to strip away gains made by workers and other exploited people over many decades. The movement opposed to this theft is still disorganised and screaming out for leadership of the sort that can only be provided by a strong and united Communist Party.

Among the causes for optimism is the growing strength of the People’s Republic of China in world affairs. The future direction of China, its adherence to the principles of Marxism-Leninism, will be crucial to the future prospects of the struggle for socialism world-wide. Michael Hooper’s piece on ideological instruction in China paints a positive picture overall without avoiding the numerous challenges that the Communist Party of China has encountered.

Communist Party of Australia General Secretary and AMR Editorial Board member, Bob Briton, has produced an overview of the shutting down of opportunities for opponents of capitalism and imperialism to voice their dissent and organise others. It is a disturbing summary, a timely warning and rallying call for resistance.

AMR editor Dr Hannah Middleton has contributed two articles in this issue. The first is a disturbing assessment of the US Administration’s military and economic “Pivot” or “Rebalancing” to the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. The challenge this presents to the peace and well-being of Australians is made clear. The other piece concerns the danger the current “Recognise” campaign poses to Aboriginal land rights – rights that are already under multiple threat.

We have included the Communist Party of Australia’s contribution to the 16th annual Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties held this year in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil. The theme of the meeting was “The role of Communist and Workers’ Parties in the struggle against imperialism and capitalist exploitation – which causes crises and wars and gives rise to fascist and reactionary forces. For workers’ and peoples’ rights and for national and social emancipation; for socialism!” The CPA’s intervention was delivered by Party President Vinnie Molina and was well received. It echoed sentiments made in many other contributions. We have included the contribution of the Portuguese Communist Party and the Communist Party of Britain for readers’ interest, as well.

The Editorial Board takes this opportunity to wish readers a very happy 2015 and success in your various struggles during the new year. Next year will be pivotal in the working classes’ resistance to the Abbott and overarching imperialist agenda. The Australian Marxist Review is committed to assisting this movement and looks forward to analysing significant advances for progressive forces in 2015.

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