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ISSUE 54September 2011

Remember our history

  • Some thoughts on the history of the communist movement in Australia
  • 60 years since the historic defeat of Menzies’ Communist Party Dissolution Bill

The Communist Party — historic milestone

by Edgar Ross
“Your editorials are as good as any we write,” Lance Sharkey, Editor of The Workers’ Weekly told me in one of the strangest interviews I have had in a lifetime of journalism.  more ...

When the party was strong and active

by Peter Symon
The formation of the Communist Party of Australia on October 30, 1920 was not a chance event. There was a long journey of struggle by the working people leading up to its founding.  more ...

When Australia said NO!

This year 2011, marks the sixtieth anniversary of the historic defeat of the Menzies’ Government’s referendum to ban the Communist Party of Australia. The referendum was held on September 22, 1951.  more ...

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Eddie Clynes (Editor), John Bailey, Rob Gowland, Hannah Middleton.