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ISSUE 53October 2010

A critical analysis of the US causes of the Global Financial Crisis

by Ross Morrow
This paper draws on a Marxist perspective, and a variety of theoretical, empirical and historical material, to explain the main causes of the global financial crisis which first developed in the United States (US) in 2007-2008. It argues that a low rate of profit in the US economy and wide economic inequalities led to increasing capital flow to the financial sector and the increasing provision of credit to US workers whose real incomes had declined. Financial innovations enabled debt to be sold in complex new financial products to investors.  more ...

The Communist Party and the political alternative

by Eddie Clynes
The Communist Party of Australia (CPA) some time ago adopted a strategy of building left and progressive unity to contribute to the creation of an alternative political force strong enough to substantially change the direction of politics in Australia. Given the result of the recent Australian election it is timely to discuss some aspects of this important political concept.  more ...

Water lies

by Kenneth Davidson
Australia’s politicians, bureaucrats and most of the experts responsible for water policy are incapable of facing up to the truth, that their water policies are aimed at creating a water market fit for privatisation rather than focusing on security of supply at the lowest possible cost.  more ...

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