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ISSUE 52July 2010

Editorial Notes

With capitalist corporations so often in the spotlight nowadays, it is timely to remind ourselves of the words of Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto, outlining the strategic approach of communists in the working class movement, indeed in the wider struggle for progressive and revolutionary social change.  more …

The situation in Greece

A report by Stratos Mavrantonis
to the Central Committee Executive, Communist Party of Australia

To be fully understood, the current situation in Greece must be seen as directly connected with a now unfolding drive by the world’s finance capital, aimed at savagely attacking the peoples’ living standards, taking back all workers’ gains won in the last 50 years and making labour power as cheap as possible for employers all over the world.  more ...

Rudd’s regressive health reforms

Contribution by Con Costa
Major problems are arising in the provision of ALL of our health and welfare services. It is not just because of an increasing and/or ageing population, as our politicians and the vested interests would have you believe. Essential health services are being handed over to the private sector with an emphasis on individual provision and a move away from the system of solidarity and public provision with which we have grown up, and which we have always taken for granted.  more ...

More pain for devastated Haiti: Under the pretense of disaster relief, US running a military occupation

Contribution by Arun Gupta
The rapid mobilisation of US troops in Haiti was not primarily done for humanitarian reasons; we’re likely to see a neo-liberal economic plan imposed, at gunpoint if necessary.  more ...

Elections and the CPA — getting serious

Contribution by Bob Briton
The prospect of an election puts questions before the CPA that we sometimes discuss as if we were facing them for the first time. Should we participate in a game that the major parties, the trusty servants of the bourgeoisie, have got well and truly sewn up? Won’t we simply reveal to the public just how little support there is for our party and socialism by standing candidates? Wouldn’t we be better off committing the funds and the effort to other party-building activities? The response from those favouring participation is usually along the lines that running in elections at least gives us another opportunity to put the working class alternative before the community and rally some supporters to the flag.  more ...

Human rights and the CPA

Contribution by Denis Doherty
I want to make some comments on the article Individual rights versus collective rights by Comrade Dorothea Anthony (AMR No. 50, November 2009).  more ...

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Eddie Clynes (Editor), John Bailey, Rob Gowland, Hannah Middleton.