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Editorial Notes

Millions, if not billions of words have been written about the current economic crisis, especially its financial component, triggered by the collapse of the US sub-prime mortgage market, yet few if any can match the insightfulness and clarity found in Low-Wage Capitalism, a recent book by American Marxist political-economist Fred Goldstein. more ...

Individual rights vs collective rights

by Dorothea Anthony
I would like to say a few words about human rights. In the last year the Rudd Government has entertained the idea of a bill of rights for Australia. One might ask: Why now? Usually bills of rights are introduced at significant turning points in a country’s or a region’s history. more ...

The new old atheists

by Roland Boer
The “New Atheists”, or “New Old Atheists” as I prefer to call them, have been at the forefront of a very public and polemical recovery in the West of arguments against religion. They comprise a loose group of quite different thinkers who have all of late attacked religion as a fiction that is detrimental for us all — in short, religion is bad for us and no haste in its banishment would be unseemly. more ...

Why the Soviet Union collapsed

by Vic Williams
The collapse of the Soviet Union was a disastrous blow to the world communist activities and greatly increased the danger of wars. With a strong Soviet Union, Bush could not have invaded Afghanistan or Iraq. more ...

Historical path of separatist politics in Sri Lanka

Statement by the JVP Party of Sri Lanka
An unresolved question remains to be faced by the Sri Lankan nation, of how to go forward at a time when LTTE (Tamil Tiger) terrorism has been defeated militarily. It is apparent that the Mahinda Rajapakse Government has no clear vision or roadmap to solve the national question, but waged a war which it was forced to take to the end in order to gain political mileage, and for the mere motive of clutching on to power.more ...

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