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The US in the Pacific

by Dr Hannah Middleton
The central goal of the United States is control of the planet, power to install governments subservient to its demands, power to privatise and deregulate the economies of every nation in the world, the power to inflict on peoples everywhere “free market” corporate capitalism.  more ...

Poverty and globalisation

by Dr Vandana Shiva
Recently, I was visiting Bhatinda in Punjab because of an epidemic of farmers’ suicides. Punjab used to be the most prosperous agricultural region in India. Today every farmer is in debt and despair. Vast stretches of land have become waterlogged desert. And as an old farmer pointed out, even the trees have stopped bearing fruit because heavy use of pesticides has killed the pollinators — the bees and butterflies.  more ...

Is there a class issue in medicine?

by Vic Williams
... but is there a class issue and class struggle between the pharmaceutical industry and the populations they claim to serve, in particular, but not only, expressed in the age old struggle between two systems of medicine, between a pharmaceutical-based approach and an approach of natural therapies, to state it in today’s terms. There are many aspects to this question and I seek to explore some of them in this article.  more ...

Reflections on the Aboriginal Movement

by Dr Hannah Middleton
A decade with John Howard has included: native title made harder to get with his “bucket loads of extinguishment” legislation; the elected body ATSIC sacked; the Reconciliation Council dumped; paternalistic funding conditions imposed (wash hands and attend school to get Commonwealth monies); the Northern Territory land rights act amended to increase access for mining; and now vulnerable Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory are invaded by troops. It has been a nightmare decade for Aborigines.  more ...

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