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The Australian Marxist Review welcomes articles from readers and contributions
to AMR Dialogue, including letters and brief articles raising new ideas or presenting
short commentaries on issues raised in the current journal or in previous AMRs


Editorial Notes

A most visible feature of today’s political scene is the intensification of the anti-imperialist struggles in many parts of the globe.  more ...

Reflections on political power

by Dr Hannah Middleton
Comrades, in this report I want to use the experience of Venezuela and Cuba to reflect on various factors that may be needed to win and/or to keep political power.  more ...

Recruiting to the party — the Port Adelaide experience

by Michael Perth and Bob Briton
We are very pleased to see that comrades are making use of the pages of the AMR to put forward ideas about the party and its work in the branches.  more ...

Some thoughts on the debate over the transition to socialism

by Miguel Figueroa
The theme “Socialism in the 21st Century” is especially appropriate given that it is precisely here in Venezuela where the working class and popular forces are setting out to build a new socialist society, the first such socialist project of the new century.  more ...

Work, workers and the working class

by Tony Kushelew
Physics states that work is done when a force is applied to move an object over a distance. This requires the expenditure of energy. For example moving bricks or mixing mortar by hand is work. The energy is supplied by the contraction of human muscles.  more ...

Speech on the occasion of Fidel’s 80th birthday

by Bob Treasure
I am a supporter of the alternative society represented by the Cuban people and thus its government and its leader, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, whose birthday we are celebrating here tonight. In that context, in the context of who and what Fidel represents to the world, I urge you to celebrate with me.  more ...

Editorial Board Members:

Eddie Clynes (Editor), John Bailey, Rob Gowland, Hannah Middleton, Peter Symon.

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