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The Australian Marxist Review welcomes articles from readers and contributions
to AMR Dialogue, including letters and brief articles raising new ideas or presenting
short commentaries on issues raised in the current journal or in previous AMRs


Editorial Notes

The fighting spirit of the recent CPA 10th Congress has encouraged the renewed production of the Australian Marxist Review.  more ...

CPA 10th Congress: Successful and optimistic

by Peter Symon
CPA General Secretary
“The main tendency in this party is that we are growing”, said CPA General Secretary Peter Symon in his concluding remarks. This was illustrated by the fact that many delegates were attending their first party congress.  more ...

Venezuela and the century of socialism

by Bob Briton
On December 6, 1998 a charismatic former army colonel called Hugo Chávez was elected President of Venezuela with 56.2 per cent of the popular vote, in what the Carter Centre declared to be free and fair elections....The results were brilliant; targets were exceeded by 280 per cent. For the first time the world started to hear the term “Bolivarian Revolution”.  more ...

Rereading What Is To Be Done?

by Eddie Clynes
In 1902, Lenin published What Is To Be Done? It has remained the most definitive exposition of the tasks of a communist party. In it, Lenin did battle with those in the working-class movement who objected to “outsiders” foisting their views on the workers; those same people criticised the Marxists for “belittling the significance of the objective or spontaneous element of development.”  more ...

CPA 10th Congress: Opening Night Speech

by Warren Smith
CPA Assistant General Secretary
Our congress is the most important event in the life of our party and it will determine the party’s policy and direction for the next four years. The Communist Party’s slogan for our 10th National Congress is: “Build The Party in The Working Class; Every Member an Activist”  more ...

Building alliances, building the future

by Tony Oldfield
For some considerable time, the Communist Party of Australia’s documents have called for a new type of government, a people’s government, for progressive and left unity and working class unity. There have been a number of attempts to reach agreement with other left groups, all with little real success.  more ...

Fighting terrorism or fighting democracy?

by Anna Pha
In Australia, and around the world, governments have been passing draconian legislation in the name of fighting a “war on terrorism”. September 11, the Bali bombings, and other recent acts of terrorism have been given as reasons why such far-reaching measures are required.  more ...

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