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The Australian Marxist Review welcomes articles from readers and contributions
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Time for a Treaty

by Peter Symon, General Secretary CPA
It is time to dispense with the concepts of “protection”, “integration” and “assimilation”. Even the concept of “reconciliation” is not enough. The word required is recognition — recognition of the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders as distinct peoples, as the original occupiers and owners, as national minorities within the Australian State.  more ...

Marxist Psychology

by Spiro Anthony
In psychology, the application of dialectical and historical materialism allows us to take up the fundamental questions that have confronted psychology over the years. It sets a philosophical basis for psychology. It can also be regarded as a school of psychology for it takes up issues addressed by the various schools — what motivates human activity, why people behave and think as they do. It provides us with ways to analyse psychological phenomena and it indicates ways in which psychological therapy can best proceed.  more ...

Struggles, alliances and co-operation among communists

by Aleka Papariga, General Secretary KKE
Contribution to the International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties, Athens, June 23-25, 2000  more ...

The Search for Working Class Unity

by Erna Bennett
Working class unity is one of the most urgent problems of our time, and it calls for serious and thorough examination. The divisions which paralyse the left are not just tragic — they are historically devastating. But we cannot avoid asking, “with what forces can unity that will serve the interests of the working class be established?”  more ...

Marxist Anthropology

by Dr Hannah Middleton
Anthropology since its inception has contained a dual but contradictory heritage. On the one hand it derives from a humanistic tradition of concern with people. On the other hand, anthropology is a discipline developed alongside and within the growth of the colonial and imperial powers. By what they have studied (and what they have not studied) anthropologists have assisted in, or at least acquiesced to, the goals of imperialist policy. It is becoming increasingly apparent to many that these two traditions are in contradiction.  more ...

Globalisation and Class Struggle

by Anna Pha, CC Secretariat, CPA
Contribution to the International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties, Athens, June 23-25, 2000  more ...

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