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The Australian Marxist Review welcomes articles from readers and contributions
to AMR Dialogue, including letters and brief articles raising new ideas or presenting
short commentaries on issues raised in the current journal or in previous AMRs


Where Do We Go From Kosovo?

by Erna Bennett
A thorough analysis of the motivations of imperialism for the bombing of Yugoslavia.  more ...

Tax Reform?
Do the Poor Still Pay the Rich?
The US Experience.

This is an abridged version of a Monthly Review editorial in November 1984, republished with the magazine’s permission.  more ...

Flirting with Fascism: US Imperialism’s Hidden Romance

by Victor Perlo
An article from the CPUSA’s journal Political Affairs, giving a behind-the-scenes examination of US foreign policy.  more ...

Confronting the Capitalist Crisis

Athens Conference contribution by the Communist Party of Greece  more ...

A Short History of Taxation in Australia

by Steve Gibson
In the earliest days of colonial Australia (New South Wales) there were no taxes because there was nothing to tax! Today we face the introduction of a GST.  more ...

Hands Off the People’s Property

Extracts from an anti-privatisation kit produced by the Communist Party of Australia, to assist the struggles of trade unions and community organisations.  more ...

Athens Conference: The Crisis of Capitalism, Globalisation and the Response of the Labour Movement

The Press Release issued by this international meeting of communist and workers parties in Athens from May 21 to 29, 1999.  more ...

The 21st Century is the Century of Socialism

Athens Conference contribution by the Communist Party USA  more ...

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