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The Australian Marxist Review welcomes articles from readers and contributions
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short commentaries on issues raised in the current journal or in previous AMRs


The Birth of The Communist Manifesto

by Dirk Struik
This is Chapter II (The Intellectual Ferment) slightly edited, of a book by Dirk Struik, The Birth of the Communist Manifesto, which outlines the situation in Europe which led up to the publication of The Communist Manifesto in February, 1848.  more ...

Workers of the World After 150 Years

by Peter Symon
When the Manifesto was first published, boldly proclaiming “Workers of the World, Unite!”, a world’s working class did not yet exist. A modern working class had emerged only in England and to a lesser extent in some other European countries, conditioned by the limited advance of capitalism. Where are we today, with capitalism reaching out to encompass the globe?  more ...

Luddites, Utopian Socialists and the Class Struggle

by Eddie Clynes
A look at those who would “save” the working class, before Marx and Engels proclaimed the working class as being responsible for its own salvation, indeed for the future development of all of society. An examination of modern-day utopians and the perils of ignoring the fundamental lessons of the Manifesto.  more ...

The Communist Manifesto in Australia

by Audrey Johnson
A glimpse of the influence the Manifesto had on some of Australia’s leading communists.  more ...

The Communist Manifesto: 150 Years Young

by Erna Bennett
The Communist Manifesto, that first essay in Marxist historical analysis, makes some general predictions on future economic developments in bourgeois society which are uncannily accurate at a distance of 150 years from its first publication. Why should this be so?   more ...

Keep the Workers’ Children in Their Place

by R H Tawney
Tawney’s article first appeared in the London Daily News on February 14, 1918. Tawney took on the masters of British industry over their opposition to the British Government’s 1918 Education Bill.  more ...

Public Education in Australia

by Erna Bennett
Sub-titled Time for a change, but what change? the article presents an outline history of the undermining of public education in Australia in recent years, beginning with the Labor Government’s “changes” in the early 1980s.  more ...

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