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The Australian Marxist Review welcomes articles from readers and contributions
to AMR Dialogue, including letters and brief articles raising new ideas or presenting
short commentaries on issues raised in the current journal or in previous AMRs


“The rich do not know hunger”

by Fidel Castro
A speech to the United Nations World Food Summit in Rome, October 1996.  more ...

Environment, hunger and population

by Dr Hannah Middleton
Why do the populations of food-producing countries starve? The earth produces more than enough to feed every human being. An analysis of the system of ownership and control in agricultural production and marketing, which prevents everyone being fed.  more ...

The real causes of Somalia’s famine

by Michel Chossudovsky
Michel Chossudovsky is Professor of Economics in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ottawa. This article is reprinted from Third World Resurgence, No 39, November 1993.  more ...

Bread and Circuses

by Erna Bennett
An edited version of a report presented to the CPA Central Committee in March 1997, giving an overview of the development of world agricultural practice shaped by capitalist imperatives.  more ...

Greenhouse gases and global warming

by Dr Hannah Middleton
The greenhouse effect is potentially the most dangerous environmental problem facing humankind, with consequences second only to nuclear war. Dr Middleton details the most crucial indicators of this global threat and presents a program for reversing Australia’s contribution to this environmental destruction.  more ...

The Communist Manifesto after 100 years

by Paul Sweezy and Leo Huberman
This thorough analysis and assessment of the Communist Manifesto was made in 1949 and published as an editorial in Monthly Review.  more ...

Cheryl Kernot and the two-party system

by Peter Symon
A discussion of Australia’s two-party system and the roles played by political parties in Australia, in the light of Australian Democrats’ leader Cheryl Kernot defecting to the Australia Labor Party.  more ...

Communist Party and Labor Party co-operation

by Jim Henderson
An analysis of the conditions for Communist-Labor co-operation.  more ...

Immunisation and public health

by Dr Con Costa
A contribution to the debate on attitudes to public immunisation programs.  more ...

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Peter Symon (Editor), Erna Bennet, Eddie Clynes, Rob Gowland, Hannah Middleton.

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