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The Australian Marxist Review welcomes articles from readers and contributions
to AMR Dialogue, including letters and brief articles raising new ideas or presenting
short commentaries on issues raised in the current journal or in previous AMRs


Racism in Australia

by Dr Hannah Middleton
Why did the Howard Government permit racism to re-emerge as an acceptable topic for public discussion in Australia? What’s behind the attack on “political correctness”?  more ...

Historical Aspects of Race Relations

by Dr Oliver Cromwell Cox
Extracts from Dr Cox’s seminal work, Caste, Class and Race, first published in 1948. This black, socialist scholar shows how racial exploitation and racial prejudice first developed among Europeans with the rise of capitalism and nationalism.  more ...

Australian Government’s Bellicose Foreign Policy

by Peter Symon
The main strategic considerations made by governments regarding Australia’s foreign policy have remained virtually unchanged since Federation in 1901, regardless of whether a Liberal or Labor government is running the country.  more ...

Beware False Internationalism

by Erna Bennett
A perceptive analysis which distinguishes, not between nationalism and internationalism, but between different kinds of nationalism and different kinds of internationalism. What is “capitalist internationalism” and why do some on the left reflect its basic concepts?  more ...

Partisanship and Objectivity in Theoretical Work

by Maurice Cornforth
A lecture given to the Philosophy Section of the Communist University in London in July 1973. The working-class approach to theory is in stark contrast to the bourgeois dogma which separates fact and value.  more ...

Afghanistan: the lynching of a revolution

by Dierdre Griswold
The achievements of the 1978 revolution in Afghanistan, the treacherous role of the US CIA, and the surprising analysis of those events by the Afghan comrades twelve years later.  more ...

Big Bangs and other Fantasies

by Erna Bennett
Cosmology, unlike biological science, is still waiting for its Darwin to appear. Until he or she does, cosmology lies at the mercy of untestable speculation rather than testable hypotheses.  more ...

Time and Teleology: Order in the Universe

by Eddie Clynes
Time: The existence of matter presupposes the interaction of its elements and hence change. Changes occur sequentially and have a certain duration. It is on this basis that the notion of time arises. To speak of “the beginning of time” is idealist, untenable. Teleology: The idealism of Paul Davies examined.  more ...

Fall-out from the Big Bang

by Tom Gill
Neglect or distortion of our basic materialist philosophy can have serious practical results and this applies to bourgeois as well as to socialist society.  more ...

I bin thinkin’

by Bruce Gillman
Cosmology and the layman.  more ...

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