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The “Big Bang”, creation and materialism (PART I)

by Peter Symon
In June a team of cosmologists led by Dr James Dunlop of Edinburgh University discovered some stars which according to their calculations were billions of years older than the 12 billion years ago which has been nominated as the date of the “Big Bang” creation of the universe. (The Australian June 30, 1996) This caused “consternation” among some scientists.  more ...

The war against materialism (PART II)

by Peter Symon
Professor Paul Davies and John Gribbin in their book, The Matter Myth, continually distort materialism in their war against it. They would give their readers the impression that there have been no advances since Newton’s admittedly “mechanical materialism”. How could it have been otherwise. Newton lived 1642-1727 and his theories (which continue to be used in mechanics today) accorded with the then existing knowledge. It is rather cheap of Davies and Gribbin to lambast Newton’s theories and with them materialism while ignoring the great advances in materialist philosophy since Newton’s time.  more ...

The Big Bang and materialism

by Dr Rafael Pla-Lopez
Traditional creationism implies a beginning and an end of the world. But the theory of the Big Bang does not imply the existence of God. Moreover, to discuss the theory of the Big Bang in order to deny the existence of God is a dangerous game which seems to give scientific arguments to the defenders of God’s existence.  more ...

The Big Bang and materialism

by George Tsoupros
I am not convinced that the recent two-part series of articles by Peter Symon on the relation between modern cosmology and ideology does justice to historical materialism in meeting the demands of present-day ideological struggle.  more ...

Diving into the theoretical wormhole

by Tim Wheeler
Stephen W. Hawking, the English theoretical physicist, in his acclaimed 1987 book, A Brief History of Time (Bantam) reassures us that we will not stumble over a single equation in his slim volume, not even E = mc2, Albert Einstein’s formula for the theory of relativity.  more ...

A response to criticism on materialism and the Big Bang

by Peter Symon
I made a mistake in attributing the Big Bang theory of the universe solely to those who adhere to a supernatural creation and who approach nature from a philosophical point of view which is opposed to materialism. Furthermore, conclusions were drawn on the basis of materialism alone whereas it is necessary to substantiate assertions with scientific fact.  more ...

Build the struggle! Build the alternative! Build the Party!

by Peter Symon
This is the Report on the work of the Central Committee given to the 8th Congress of the Socialist Party of Australia by General Secretary Peter Symon. The Party was renamed Communist Party of Australia by decision of this Congress which was held from October 4 to 7, 1996.  more ...

United State military aid and Iraqi oil

by Victor Perlo
An editorial in the September 12, 1996 edition of the New York Times put the US invasion of Iraq in perspective: “The vital [US] interest in the area is oil. Saddam Hussein cannot be allowed to determine the availability or price of much of the global oil supply.”  more ...

The militias: armed … dangerous … Republican

by Tim Wheeler
Lurking in the background of the 1996 elections is a menace rarely spoken about by the candidates — the white supremacist armed militias who proclaim they are preparing for a “race war” in the United States.  more ...

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