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The Australian Marxist Review welcomes articles from readers and contributions
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The Current Economic Position in Australia

We might be an island geographically but economically the fortress walls are down and we are part of what is known as the “global economy”.  more ...

Party Work in the Mass Movement

Socialist Party of Australia Central Committee members John Bailey, Steve Gibson, Marie Lean and Tony Oldfield met to discuss aspects of Party work in the mass movement. They began by looking at what is meant by the phrase “the mass movement”.  more ...

Some experiences of a Party member active in the trade union movement

by Steve Gibson
Although I have been involved in the union movement at various levels for 45 years, I find it extremely difficult to even begin to describe my experiences in a coherent structured way. This is due in the main, I think, to the uneven nature of the record of events, the highs and the lows, the recollection of periods of huge successes followed, sometimes rapidly, by equally substantial losses – such is the reality of working as a political activist in the union movement.  more ...

A New Arena of Struggle: The Electronic Front

by Christopher Irwin
This article is an edited version of an article published in the November 1994 issue of Political Affairs, the theoretical journal of the Communist Party, USA. It has been added to to introduce some Australian background.  more ...

Singing praises to the virtues of the South African Communist Party

The following is the text of the speech by South African President Nelson Mandela given on April 7, 1995 to the Ninth Congress of the South African Communist Party.  more ...

The Character of our Party – Building the SACP in the present period

The following article, by South African Communist Party (SACP) Deputy Chairman Blade Nzimande, is reprinted from The African Communist, No. 139/40, First Quarter 1995. Comrade Nzimande argues that the lessons of the past four years and the challenges of the new period require a return to a more vanguard SACP, built around a quality membership.  more ...

Multiculturalism – ten years on

by Peter Symon
August this year marks the tenth anniversary of the publication by the Socialist Party of Australia of a pamphlet on the question of multiculturalism. It was called Multiculturalism and written by S Mavrantonis, a former Central Committee member of the SPA of Greek origin. The author of this commemorative article recalls the main points of the pamphlet.  more ...


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