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The Australian Marxist Review welcomes articles from readers and contributions
to AMR Dialogue, including letters and brief articles raising new ideas or presenting
short commentaries on issues raised in the current journal or in previous AMRs


The Struggle for Migrant Rights

by Habib Fares
Our Party needs to pay much more attention to and to do much more work in the areas of multiculturalism, migrant rights and migrant struggles.   more ...

The Socialist Party of Australia and the Political Alternative

The Socialist Party of Australia (SPA) has adopted a strategy of building left and progressive unity to contribute to the creation of an alternative political force strong enough to change the direction of politics in Australia. Here Eddie Clynes, Secretary of the Sydney District Committee of the SPA, discusses some aspects of the important task of building a political alternative in Australia.  more ...

The anti-privatisation campaign

Socialist Party of Australia General Secretary Peter Symon and Central Committee Executive members Eddie Clynes and David Matters gathered for the Australian Marxist Review to informally discuss the development of the movement against privatisation and to defend public ownership.  more ...

Shared Values – Socialism and Religion

This is the text of a talk delivered by Joe Slovo, Chairman of the South African Communist Party at the Summer School of the Department of Extra-Mural Studies at the University of Cape Town on January 25, 1994.   more ...

Comrade Jesus

by Sarah Cleghorn
Thanks to St. Matthew who had been
At mass meetings in Palestine,
We know whose side was spoken for
When Comrade Jesus had the floor.   
more ...

Right-revisionism in Australia

by Peter Symon
The following article was published by the American magazine, Nature, Society and Thought (NST). It was written at the request of the editor to inform the readers of NST of some experiences of the left in Australia.   more ...

Russia's Revival and the World Situation

by Gennadi Zyuganov
The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is the largest political party in Russia today. Together with other communist parties which emerged following the break-up of the Soviet Union, it is now part of the movement to form a new CPSU.   more ...


Editorial Board Members: Peter Symon (Editor), Erna Bennett, Ray Berbling, Rob Gowland, Hannah Middleton.

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