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Journal of the Communist Party of Australia


Comrade Jesus

by Sarah Cleghorn

Thanks to St. Matthew who had been
At mass meetings in Palestine,
We know whose side was spoken for
When Comrade Jesus had the floor.

"Where sore they toil, and hard they lie,

Among the great unwashed dwell I
The tramp, the convict, I am he,
Cold-shoulder him, cold shoulder me."

By Dives door, with thoughtful eye,
He did tomorrow prophesy:-
"The kingdom's gate is low and small;
The rich can scarce wedge through at all."

"A dangerous man" said Caiaphas;
"An ignorant demagogue alas!
Friend of low women, it is he
Slanders the upright Pharisee."

For "law and order" it was plain
For holy church he must be slain.
The troops were there to awe the crowd
Mob violence was not allowed.

Then clumsy force with force to foil,
His strong clean hands he would not soil.
He saw their childishness quite plain
Between the lightning of his pain.

Between the twilights of his end,
He made his fellow-felon friend;
With swollen tongue and blinded eyes,
Invited him to Paradise.

Ah, let no local him refuse!
Comrade Jesus hath paid his dues.
Whatever other be debarred
Comrade Jesus hath his red card.

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