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ISSUE 31November 1993 – Special issue

Class Struggle and National Liberation – Counter-revolution in Ireland

by Erna Bennett


I – Truce

II – Revolutionaries and “revolutionaries”

III – Labour leaders desert the national struggle

IV – Calls for Peace

V – Preparations for Compromise

VI – Consolidating the Compromise

VII – Why did Revolution fail?

VIII – Revolution in Europe

IX – Social-Democratic Vacillation

X – Social Democrats and Revolution

XI – Middle Classes and Revolution

XII – Middle-class Capitulation

XIII – The Push to Civil War

XIV – Civil War a Class War

XV – Class Divisions in the Civil War

XVI – Restoration of Old Order

XVII – Defeat

XVIII – An Under-developed Economy

XIX – Penalising the poor

XX – Labour’s last shots

XXI – Dependence and Collaborationism

XXII – Postscript


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