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ISSUE 30September 1993

An Australian republic

by Laurie Kiek
Naturally, progressive people react favourably to the idea of abolishing the monarchy, symbol of outmoded feudal autocracy and of British imperialism. The monarchy is beloved by conservatives as a means of creating servility and toadying to those who have the trappings of wealth and power. However, we need to look further into the question than that.  more ...


Should Australia become a republic?

by Jim Henderson
Judging by the current discussion about whether Australia should change its status from Commonwealth nation to republic, one can easily get the impression that such a change will either automatically solve the country’s problems or make them worse than they are at present.  more ...


The role of the Program

Report given by Eddie Clynes, SPA Central Committee Executive member and Secretary of the Sydney District Committee to the Seventh Congress of the Socialist Party of Australia held in Sydney in October 1992.  more ...


Australia: peace and security into the 21st Century

by Dr Hannah Middleton
In 1994, the Federal Government will release a new Defence White Paper which will have a major impact into the 21st Century on the economic, political and military role Australia plays, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.  more ...


Communism is in the best interests of the Australian people

In 1948, virulent anti-communism was reappearing in Western countries following the defeat of Nazism in World War II. Dr Ryan, Director of Catholic Social Services, was one of those who were travelling the country giving anti-communist lectures. He was challenged to a public debate and eventually agreed. A representative of the Catholic hierarchy worked out the conditions of the debate together with a representative of the Communist Party. A huge audience attended and the debate was broadcast at the time. As far as is known, the contributions by Edgar Ross and Dr Ryan were never published. Following the debate the specific anti-communist campaign which Dr Ryan had conducted was abandoned and he was transferred to Ireland.  more ...


Art and Social Contradiction

by Norman W Goldberg
The war of words in the electronic and print media over Spike Lee’s recent film Malcolm X illustrates the interplay between art and politics, and for Marxist-Leninist aesthetics it presents a set of questions long deliberated and but never fully settled. A war of words has centred on the depiction of Malcolm X in the film.  more ...


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