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ISSUE 29May 1992

Tariffs, wages and unemployment

by Peter Symon
Once again the argument over protection and free trade is hotting up. The Wills by-election brought the matter right up front because about 18 per cent of workers are unemployed in that electorate. Lay-offs in the motor vehicle and textile industries have helped to create this chronic situation for the working people of Wills.  more ...


Racism in Australia

by Dr Hannah Middleton
Many Australians have been shocked by recent events revealing to extent of racism among police around the country. The attitudes and behaviour of some police in Cop It Sweet, the ABC television program on police in Redfern (an inner-city suburb of Sydney with a high Aboriginal population), the display of an openly and crudely racist crossword in a South Australian police station, and a video of police at a party dressed as Aborigines with nooses around their necks, pretending to be Mr Lloyd Boney (who died in police custody) or Mr David Gundy (who was shot by police during a raid) have all caused deep outrage and concern. This was added to by a later incident in which recruits from Duntroon military college turned up at a party with blackened faces and nooses around their necks in cruel and offensive mockery of dead Aborigines.  more ...


Modern Liquidationism

by Peter Symon
Liquidationism has once again become a trend in a number of communist parties. It is not a new problem and arises when difficulties and stagnant periods are experienced by the revolutionary movement.  more ...


Australia’s defence policy

by Dr Hannah Middleton
The Federal Government has called for a review of its current defence strategy which was released in its 1987 Defence White Paper. This provides the opportunity for us to look again at the choices which face Australia In fashioning its defence and foreign policies.  more ...


The World Scene

Opening report given by National Chairman Gus Hall
Because of the implosions in the socialist world, and especially in the Soviet Union, the entire world has gone through some explosive changes. How to deal with this different world is a difficult and complicated task. It is a great challenge to our science, to our ideology, to our politics and even to our common sense.  more ...


The Meaning Of A New World Order: A Critique

by James Petras
The US war in the Persian Gulf was an attempt to recreate Washington’s role as world policeman, to re-subordinate Europe to US power and to intimidate the third world into submission. It was an attempt to regain the position of global supremacy held by the United States at the end of World War II. In this sense George Bush was executing, in its most extreme form, the political vision of the Reagan period. The massive build-up of military power, the world-wide pressure on clients, allies and neutrals to collaborate, the vast economic expenditures, the unprecedented unleashing of aerial bombardment, all speak to the momentous historical changes that underline this war.  more ...


Different sources of the peace movement

by Vic Williams
The peace movement arises from several different sources. In a crisis or war situation, the first people and groups to act do so from moral grounds. They can be pacifists, against all wars from religious convictions, there are those acting from humanitarian convictions, and those who oppose the particular war or war preparations from a class conscious understanding of the role of imperialist governments and major transnationals as the instigators and profiteers of war. These different streams are represented in the established peace organisations. In the main, they have learned in action to combine and adjust to their different views and approaches. These groups and people most deeply motivated by moral and political convictions are the first into action, and call on those similarly motivated to join them.   more ...


Why the Cuban professors were dismissed

Howard Frederick, a US professor dismissed for political reasons, recently wrote an article comparing his case with that of a number of university professors in Cuba who were sacked. The following article, taken from the Pegasus computer network, is a response to Howard Frederick.  more ...


Left and right swings in the communist movement

by Spiro Anthony
Many factors, both internal and external, were involved in the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe. However, the blame must ultimately fall on the communist parties in power for they were in a position to act for the protection and development of socialism. It was their basic political orientation which failed them and failed socialism.  more ...


Editorial Board Members: Peter Symon (Editor), Hannah Middleton (Executive Editor), Spiro Anthony, Steve Mavrantonis.

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