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Issue #1521      5 October 2011

Cuba and Brazil strengthen health cooperation links

The health ministers of Cuba and Brazil, Roberto Morales Ojeda and Alexandre Rocha Santos Padilha, have signed a memorandum of understanding as part of exchanges between the two countries to increase collaboration in the field of health.

They likewise signed a technical cooperation project for extending cancer screening and the principal lines of the Cuban public health system were outlined to the Brazilian delegation.

The Brazilian Health Minister affirmed that the visit to Cuba, in addition to strengthening friendship and cooperation between the two nations, is part of a commitment to Latin America.

“We hope to take concrete steps in terms of cooperation, not just among our peoples but also for the rest of the world, which is waiting to have closer access to medicines as a fundamental health right,” he stated.

Rocha Santos described as very positive what he had seen in the area of technological innovation and expressed the Brazilian delegation’s interest in studying Cuban experiences and strategies.

He commented that the exchange between the two countries has added relevance at a point when a new chapter is being opened within the global health agenda, given that the UN General Assembly recently discussed at the level of heads of state and government aspects such as chronic non-transmissible diseases like cancer, hypertension and diabetes.

Cuban Health Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda highlighted the importance of human resources as the principal capital for guaranteeing a competent health system.

The governments of Cuba and Brazil initiated cooperation in the field of health in 1996, with joint projects in biotechnology and sanitary vigilance, among others.


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