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Issue #1514      17 August 2011

Stand by our man!

Campbelltown bricklayer William Hodge is fighting for an estimated $70,000 in unpaid superannuation from his former employer, DMW Bricklaying. Hodge, who has a mortgage and three small children, has been working for DMW Bricklaying since 2000 and has not received any superannuation benefits in those 11 years.

Like many construction workers, Hodge was asked by the company to work under an Australian Business Number and did not realise he was entitled to superannuation benefits. He is one of the estimated 168,000 construction workers in Australia who are being employed as sham contractors. The Construction Division of the CFMEU warns that no matter what the boss tells you, if you work for the same company more than 80 percent of the time and they determine your hours of work, where you work and what work you do, then you are an employee and have a right to entitlements such as super, workers’ compensation, sick leave and holiday pay.

In the 11 years Hodge worked for DMW Bricklaying he never received superannuation contributions, holiday pay, sick pay or wet weather pay. Hodge is only asking for what is rightfully his and is ready to stand up for his rights. “I just want the money I was supposed to be getting,” says the 36-year-old, father-of-three and sole breadwinner in the family. “I know I don’t actually get it until I am 65, but it will be there when I need it, and if anything happensand I die it is there for my kids.”

CFMEU state secretary Mal Tulloch said Hodge is taking a principled stand that all CFMEU members should support. “DMW Bricklaying has employed hundreds of brickies over the years and it appears has paid little or no superannuation to any of them. Wil Hodge has the guts to stand up for his rights and we are proud to support him.”

In the 11 years he has worked with DMW Bricklaying, Hodge almost always worked on Skyton Development projects. Tulloch says Skyton Developments has a moral duty to ensure Hodge is paid. Hodge is holding a one-man picket outside Skyton’s Parramatta headquarters to demand justice.

What can you do:

1. Support William Hodge at the picket line at 31-37 Hassall Street, Parramatta.

2. Call Skyton Developments manager, Gus Martinez, on 02 9635 5688 or owner George Andrews on 0411 647 000 or call DMW Bricklaying boss, Darren Williams, on 0418 966 365.

3. Email Skyton Developments at jaz@skyton.com.au  

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