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Issue #1514      17 August 2011

Solidarity with Chile’s students and teachers

The Communist Party of Australia denounces in the strongest possible terms the campaign of intimidation being waged by the government, police and extreme right-wing elements against the youth, students and teachers of Chile. The wave of repression has included attacks on the offices of the Communist Party of Chile and its youth organisation. Death threats and other forms of cowardly abuse have been directed at student leaders. Protests have been broken up by police.

The youth, students and teachers of Chile have every right to protest the lamentable conditions existing in the education system in that country. The inadequate, exclusive and privatised system left by the Pinochet dictatorship and devised by the Chicago boys under the late Professor Milton Friedman is a shameful legacy of a shameful time. The government of President Piñera and the Interior Minister should heed the calls of the students, their teachers and broad sections of the community for progressive social change and put an end to the ugly and unworthy attacks.

Bob Briton
International Department
Communist Party of Australia

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