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Issue #1514      17 August 2011

A birthday message

To Fidel Castro Ruz on the occasion of his 85th birthday

There has never been a man so respected by both friends and enemies for his adherence to the principles. We, who know him through his books, speeches and most especially from watching his revolutionary life, like to call him Comrade Fidel Castro.

Fidel is a man, who in my living memory since a social conscience awakened in me as a social activist, I have always respected and admired.

Fidel is a man who is an inspiration for the continuance of the fight for a better world; something that is not only possible but also more necessary today than ever. In complex times we refuse to continue living in a unipolar world; a world not only bad for the people of the United States and the world, but also dangerous.

Every day we are convinced even more that the unity of peoples of the world; workers, dispossessed and the entire world’s poor has no other option for survival than to forge a unity capable of confronting and breaking the chains of Empire [US]. Building a better world is not easy but it must be done.

When I think about all these things I wonder what you can tell a person like Fidel Castro who has so much experience and charisma. Fidel was able to lead the people of Cuba in building a new society. What can we say to Fidel on his 85th birthday when one page could never be enough to thank him for his many teachings. So instead I will wish you a very good day, good health and many more years of life.

As always, even in these times of celebration, our thoughts also go to five disciples of Fidel, our five brothers imprisoned in the bowels of the Empire; they who from the dungeons of the monster follow your revolutionary example.

Only with revolutionary people like Fidel who have fought a lifetime is it possible to build a better world. From our distant country, Australia, we send our best wishes on behalf of the noble and revolutionary people of this country. On behalf of my comrades in the Communist Party of Australia our love and our comradely embrace.

Happy Birthday Fidel!

Onward to Victory, We Shall Win!

Vinnie Molina
Communist Party of Australia
National President

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