The Guardian

Issue No: 1246 . September 21, 2005

  • Editorial: The battle for the UN
  • Criminal sale of Telstra
  • Howard "terror" laws to stifle opposition
  • Scott Parkin "removed"
  • Disabled targeted in vicious new scheme
  • Greens surge, Iemma sulks
  • The bush gets a taste of Howard’s flexibility
  • Catholic Commission hits Andrews’ heresy
  • IR changes to hit tourism
  • Seafarers locked up in Tasmania
  • Kaurna heritage bulldozed
  • Tania — guerrilla, internationalist, Communist

  • Iraq: The man beneath the hood speaks out
  • Clean-up begins, but anger won’t wash away
  • Japan: Koizumi re-elected
  • Major party iced in Haiti
  • Cuban 5: "Free them now"
  • Delegates to the CPA 10th Congress
  • TV programs worth watching
  • Global briefs
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Culture and Life:
        Cult TV, royal bastards and overpaid models