The Guardian 14 December, 2005

Veterans of the movement

On Saturday December 10 between 40 and 50 working class veterans and others attended a very pleasant afternoon of music, food, speeches and reminiscences, meeting old comrades, making new friends. The special event was organised in their honour by the Sydney District Committee. The music was by the Hollerin Pines from Newcastle. Former waterside worker Harry Black and well known fighter for women’s rights Phyllis Johnson spoke of the struggles for jobs, higher wages and safety, shorter working hours, equal pay for women and their experiences as Communists during periods of illegality, in the struggle against war and fascism, and on many other issues. CPA General Secretary Peter Symon, also a former waterside worker, acknowledged the achievements of those present and the importance of continuing that struggle today when so many past gains are under threat. He expressed the sentiments of all present when he called for the function to become an annual event.

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