The Guardian 7 December, 2005

Band together for Your Rights At Work

A short film has been doing the rounds of emails is getting more exposure than most Australian movies. Called 36 ways to get fired thanks to John Howard, the video gives a scary picture of what job security could be like under WorkChoices.

Some of the circumstances depicted in the video will remain as unlawful dismissals, but workers in businesses with fewer than 100 employees will need to brief lawyers and take expensive court action to seek any remedies.

The LHMU is publicising the film on their website ahead of a massive campaign to increase awareness of WorkChoices among young people.

An army of Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers’ Union activists and supporters handed out orange arm-bands at big concerts like Home-Bake last Saturday.

"There is no way a young person wanting a job over the summer — be it in a pub, a shop or at the casino — can hope to negotiate on an equal footing with their potential boss. This law sucks — and we’ve all got to stand up and say so", said Big Brother runner-up Tim Brunero.

"I’m joining the people at one of Australia’s biggest unions — the LHMU — to hand out their orange wrist bands to remind people that now’s the time to take a stand for young people’s rights at work", Tim said.

"Band Together, wear the wristbands at work — and let the boss know where you stand on Rights at Work."

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