The Guardian 30 November, 2005

highlight timeliness of socialism

Seventy-three communist and workers’ parties from all continents met in Athens from November 18-20 at an international meeting of parties to discuss "Current Trends in Capitalism. Economic, Political and Social Impact. The Communists’ Alternative". The international meeting, which has become an annual event, was initiated and hosted by the Communist Party of Greece.

A press release issued following the conference said there had been "a creative exchange of views concerning the international situation and experiences on the questions of work in the mass movements, the struggle of the peoples and the activities of the communist and workers’ parties".

Rob Gowland, a member of the CC of the CPA and Sydney District Secretary attended the conference representing the CPA. He will report on his experiences in a future issue of The Guardian.

Participants proposed and adopted solidarity statements around a number of international issues.

The speakers referred to changes taking place within the capitalist countries, the attacks on the social and labour rights of workers and the experiences of the many movements and struggles taking place.

The discussion highlighted the timeliness of socialism and ways to promote this goal. The critical importance of an exchange of views and theoretical discussions on the question of socialism today was also noted.

Active political solidarity and support among Communist and Workers’ Parties, was called for.

Participants expressed the need for similar meetings of communist and worker’s parties at international and regional levels in the future and spoke of the positive effect that cooperation with other democratic, anti-imperialist, anti-monopoly and patriotic forces could have.

A number of specific campaigns were adopted. They included:

  • A campaign for the release of the five Cuban patriots jailed in the US.

  • International solidarity brigades from members of foreign parties to visit Cuba and Venezuela.

  • Joint action against the anti-communist resolution of the Council of Europe with resolutions, a signature campaign and protests.

  • A campaign on the contemporary relevance of socialism on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in 2007.

  • May Day 2006 to be a campaign against poverty, unemployment, sackings, cuts in working hours, the reform of social security and for labour rights.

  • The conference called for the cancellation of the foreign debts of the so-called third world countries.

  • A meeting of communist educators to undertake work on issues related to the dissemination of communist ideology and values among young people and on the use of the internet.

  • The systematic monitoring of issues that are related to the persecution of Communist Parties and other anti-imperialist forces such as the outlawing of the CP by name and where it is illegal and its members face trials and imprisonments and other forms of persecutions and surveillance. The creation of a working group on these questions.

  • Campaigns for the removal of the foreign occupation forces from Iraq, against NATO and foreign military bases.

  • Solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that faces a US-led blockade and threats of imperialist aggression.

  • Solidarity with the peoples of Lebanon and Syria in their struggle against imperialist pressure and interference in their internal affairs. The conference rejected the imperialist threats against Iran and expressed solidarity with the Iranian people in their struggle for peace, progress, democratic rights and social justice.

  • Intensify the solidarity actions with the peace loving forces in Israel. Establishment of an international day of action against the Israeli apartheid wall in Palestine and other actions.

    Another similar international meeting is to be held in 2006 with the topic and date to be decided.

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