The Guardian 31 August, 2005

Venezuela denounces
incitement to assassination

UNITED NATIONS: Venezuela has recommended that the United Nations review the resolutions and norms of international law that could contain provisions relating to the incitement to state terrorism by the US evangelist Pat Robertson.

A press release circulated last week at the UN refers to Robertson’s comments during a televised show by the US evangelist, in which he called for the assassination of President Hugo Chávez.

"It is worth noting that the provocation occurred right before the 60th General Assembly of the United Nations, where issues transcendental for humanity will be addressed", the note reads.

It explains that 191 heads of state will be exchanging views during international discussions on issues such as the elimination of poverty, the development of the South, and the reform of the UN, in New York in September.

According to the Venezuelan authorities, "the factors that converge in this media action ... have made this preacher into a spokesman for a US political sector that embraces and expresses the blight of a society that has been degraded and debased by violence, ignorance and a homicidal, fascist-style fundamentalism".

The press release explains that while "Mr. Robertson is not an official in the US government, he should, at his earliest convenience, review the international instruments signed and ratified by the United States."

It also calls for a review of "the United Nations resolutions and other regulations of international law that could provide for incitement to state terrorism like that appealed for by Reverend Robertson."

The note adds that such a review could enlighten the government as to "the obligations it could derive from them, even when they originate from a private sector close to the United States".

President Chávez is to travel to New York to attend the Summit of Heads of State scheduled for September 14-16.


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