The Guardian 17 August, 2005

Chávez visit to Uruguay

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela last week initiated an official visit to Uruguay, where he met with his host, President Tabaré Vázquez.

Uruguay and Venezuela moved forward in their relations with the signing of a letter of intent on March 1 this year, when Tabaré assumed the presidency.

On this occasion, the two leaders discussed integration issues involving both countries, such as the Venezuelan investment in the state fuel refinery ANCAP.

Similarly, technical personnel and ministers from the Venezuelan delegation followed up on the business side, including Uruguayan exports of meat, milk and their derivatives.

The foreign ministries are likewise working to establish a Uruguayan-Venezuelan Joint Commission to formalise agreements between the two countries.

Chávez and Vázquez met at a time when the former is heading the Andean Community of Nations, while the latter is currently acting president of the Southern Common Market.


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