The Guardian 10 August, 2005

TeleSUR goes on the air

David Baldinger

TeleSUR, a new television outlet, transmitted its signal throughout Latin America by satellite for the first time, July 24. The inaugural broadcast coincided with the 222nd birthday of liberator Simón Bolívar, dreamer of a united Americas and inspiration for the Bolivarian revolution shaking Latin America.

Co-founded by Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay, TeleSUR's intent is to provide news and cultural programming from a Latin American perspective and to help the process of regional integration.

Most important, according to the TeleSUR mission statement, is to "allow all the inhabitants of this vast region to spread its own values, to disclose its own image, to debate its own ideas and to transmit its own content."

As an alternative to corporate-controlled media, TeleSUR promises to represent the principles of authentic journalism: veracity, justice, respect and solidarity. TeleSUR says it seeks active viewers, stimulating participation and fomenting critical attitudes.

The central offices are located in Venezuela with news bureaus in Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil. News bureaus are also planned for Argentina, Cuba, Mexico City, and Washington, DC. Once fully operational, TeleSUR will also be available to viewers in Western Europe and North Africa as well as across the Americas.

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