The Guardian 22 June, 2005

Korean union leader killed
supporting striking workers

Kim Tae Hwan, head of Chungju branch of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions in south Korea, was hit and killed by a cement truck sent in by a cement company as he was supporting striking workers there. They were trying to stop the entry of scab labour.

One of the cement trucks ran right over him. Approximately 10 police were at the scene at the time. There are witnesses who say the police only went after the truck when they protested and demanded to know why it was not being pursued. The driver says in his police statement that he was unaware that anyone was in front of him! It was daylight at the time.

Workers at three cement companies in the Chungju area had been on strike for eight days when it happened.

The union is demanding a thorough investigation into why the truck driver hit him and what the police were doing.

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