The Guardian 13 April, 2005

and Syrian trade unions’ appeal

In a joint appeal the General Labour Federation of Lebanon and the General Federation of Trade Unions of Syria have called for solidarity from international trade union organisations to defeat the attempts of the aggressors and not to allow them to misuse international law as a weapon to be used for aggression.

The appeal draws attention to the "dangerous situation imposed on the peoples and workers of Lebanon and Syria through pressures and threats of aggression and attacks on national and pan-Arab sovereignty under the US-Israel plans to destabilise the situation in the region in order to dominate it".

It says that the former Prime Minister Raffia Adhiri "was killed by the enemies of our nations with the aim of confronting us with a new aggressive attempt, this time against Syria and Lebanon together".

The appeal of the trade union federations is directed to all Arab workers and friends over the world and calls for help for their brothers in these two countries as well as in Palestine and Iraq, "who are threatened with the loss of their existence and rights".

It concludes: "Let us act together with all Arab and international trade unions and all forces upholding freedom, progress and social justice".

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