The Guardian 6 April, 2005

Oppose Japan as permanent member
of UN Security Council

An international petition opposing the seating of Japan as a permanent member of the UN Security Council arising from Kofi Annan's proposals to reform the United Nations Organisation has already received over 11.5 million signatures according to China's Xinhua News Agency.

The signature drive was launched after UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan appeared to back Japan for a permanent council seat as part of the most wide-ranging reforms to the world body since its creation in 1945.

The petition urges people to "speak out and vote against any procedure to grant Japan the status of a permanent member of the UN Security Council". It points out that Japan was an aggressor in World War II, destroyed and looted an astronomical amount of property and has never formally acknowledged its wrongdoing. It has never offered official apologies to those thousands of women forced into sexual slavery, the nearly one million who died in its biochemical experiments and those butchered, brutalised and enslaved when prisoners of war. Japan's leaders have refused to repent.

The on-line petition is at:

The petition campaign is a worldwide collective movement consisting of civilian organisations from wartime victim countries the US, South Korea, North Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, the Netherlands and Japan.

Many Australians have good reasons as former POWs to oppose Japan's promotion to the position of UN permanent member. Japan's leaders have not only not acknowledged the crimes committed during WW2 but are now pushing re-militarisation and are using every opportunity to send their military forces overseas.

The Japanese government is also attempting to remove the clause in their Constitution which limits the use of Japan's military forces to self-defence. They are getting ready to again launch aggressive wars to re-establish their colonialist role in Asia and beyond.

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