The Guardian 30 March, 2005

An appeal to the people of Australia

On January 30, 2004, the Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVO) issued a statement on behalf of their members in support of the Agent Orange litigation. It is an appeal to the conscience and humanity of the people of the United States and Australia, in particular, as their governments committed this heinous war crime. It is an appeal for justice and reparations that must not be allowed to go unheeded by the Australian government and courts.

The Vietnamese people, faithful to their tradition of forgiving and tolerance, have for many years demonstrated their readiness in cooperation with the US to address the atrocious war consequences. However, unfortunately such good-will has not been positively responded.

Undertaking this lawsuit, the Vietnamese victims do not only serve their own lives but also the legitimate rights of all victims of toxic chemical/Dioxin in many other countries, including those in the US. This legal action is not only for the sake of one generation but also for many others who have been suffering from long-lasting pains.

This legal action is taken for the sacred right to life which is the primary and most basic of human rights since it is our strong confidence that there still exist conscience and justice on Earth.

VAVO earnestly calls for all compatriots, both at home and aboard, to demonstrate in a more powerful manner their sympathy and to support the victims’ activities and their lawsuit filed in the US.

VAVO expects and welcomes all the sentiments and actions in further support the Vietnamese victims from progressive organisations, individuals and people all over the world, especially in the US working for the right to life of people.

Render your support to victims of toxic chemicals for the sake of safeguarding Peace and Justice in the world!

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