The Guardian 23 March, 2005

We reject any foreign and
military intervention in Iran!

We support the struggle for
democratic & progressive change
in Iran!

We, the undersigned representatives of the left, communist and workers' parties note with concern the recent aggressive and irresponsible statements of the US administration threatening military attacks against Iran.

We believe that the US policy in relation to Iran is in fact part and parcel of the US agenda to force the countries of the Middle East to accept its model of "Greater Middle East" and submit to the political, economic and military hegemony of US imperialism.

We believe any military offensive, full-scale or limited, by the USA or Israel against any installation, nuclear, militarily or politically strategic, will be an utter disaster for the cause of human rights and democracy and for those campaigning for a democratic alternative in Iran. The people and democratic progressive forces fighting against the dictatorship strongly oppose any type of foreign intervention in Iran.

We believe that the US continued policy of threats and intimidation is also designed to further the chances of pro-US forces in the Iranian regime that could pose as the "saviours of the nation" in the event of a US military onslaught.

We believe any military attack against Iran or any other country of the Middle East will be a further major blow for world peace and the campaign by people in the region to win human rights, democracy and social progress.

We oppose war and strive for peace and progress. We declare our support and solidarity with the popular movement for freedom and democracy in Iran.

The 62 Parties supporting the statement include:

Party of Democracy and Socialism of Algeria, Communist Party of Argentine, Communist Party of Austria, Communist Party of Australia, Democratic Progressive Tribune of Bahrain, Communist Party of Bangladesh, Communist Party of Brazil, Communist Party of Britain, Communist Party of Great Britain, Movement for Socialism (MAS) Bolivia, Communist Party of Bulgaria, Communist Party of Canada, Communist Party of Catalonia, United Left of Catalonia, M.I.R. Chile, Communist Party of Colombia, Mai-Mai Democratic Republic Congo, UDPS Democratic Republic Congo, AKEL of Cyprus, Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia Czech Republic, Communist Party in Denmark, Red-Green Alliance of Denmark, Communist Party of Finland, Communist Party of France, Communist Party of Germany, Communist Party of Greece, Synaspismos Greece, Workers Party of Hungary, Communist Party of India (Marxist), Tudeh Party of Iran, Organisation of People's Fedaian Iran (Maj), Communist Party of Iraq, Workers Party of Ireland, Communist Party of Israel, Communist Refoundation Party of Italy, Communist Party of Japan, Communist Party of Lebanon, Communist Party of Luxemburg, Party of Communists of Mexico, Party of Progress and Socialism Morocco, New Communist Party of The Neverlands, Sandinista Front (FSLN) Nicaragua, People's Party of Palestine, Democratic Coalition Palestine, Labour Party of Pakistan, Akbayan (Citizens Action Party) of Philippines, Communist Party of Portugal, Socialist Alliance Party of Romania, Polisario Front of Sahara, Communist Refoundation Party of San Marino, Communist Party of Slovakia, Communist Party of Spain, United Left of Spain, South African Communist Party, Communist Party of Sweden, Communist Party of Syria, Communist Party of Turkey, DEHAP Turkey, Communist Party of USA, Communist Party of Venezuela, Bolivarian Movement of Venezuela, Communist Party of Vietnam.

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