The Guardian 9 February, 2005

Warming Russia-China relations

Russia and China have taken another step in consolidating their relations. They are to hold "regular security consultations", a relationship that China does not have with any other country.

China's State Councillor Tan Jiazuan told Vladimir Putin that Russia is China's "main partner for strategic cooperation".

He said that "We decided to establish such a mechanism with Russia because we have close positions regarding the international situation, key international and regional issues, as well as issues related to maintaining peace and helping global development."

In response, Putin said that "relations in the political, economic and security sphere and in the field of military cooperation have been developing intensively."

China and Russia are to hold joint military exercises in August. Russia's most advanced bombers are to take part in the exercises.

These developments are seen as reflecting a cooling of relations between Russia, the United States and Europe. There is much disquiet in Russia over the outcome of the Presidential elections in the Ukraine and the new government's announced intention to join NATO and the European Union.

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