The Guardian 2 February, 2005

CP of China to
reinforce role in public enterprises

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has decided to reinforce its role as the leader of large state-owned companies and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The Organisation Department of the Party says that party committee members should hold major posts in large scale companies, such as members of boards of directors or general managers to ensure the Party's involvement in the major decisions taken by state-owned companies and enterprises.

The objective of this decision is to facilitate the continuing reform and development of state-owned enterprises while cracking down on corruption and "ensuring the leading role of SOEs in the national economy", says a statement issued by the Organisation Department of the Party.

The statement says a new mechanism should be set up in SOEs to choose talented people and managerial personnel who match with the modern corporate system and that the SOEs should combine the party's policy on cadres with the management's rights to employ people according to law. The SOEs should set up effective supervision systems, including education, punishment and anti-corruption measurest.

Party committees working in SOEs should redouble their efforts to work out measures to encourage the involvement of employees in company management and protect their legal rights, it says.

Party-wide education

On another front, the CPC has launched an 18-month education drive to "maintain the advanced nature of the Party".

It is the largest education course in the Party since China adopted its "opening-up" policy more than 20 years ago. It will involve all of the Party's more than 68 million members.

Chinese President and CPC General Secretary Hu Jintao told the Party on the occasion of the launch of the campaign that strengthening the CPC's advanced nature is of vital importance for the Party's survival, development and expansion.

A document issued by the CPC Central Committee noted that in the new century, profound changes have taken place in the environment the Party lives in, the tasks the Party shoulders and the makeup of party members. The campaign is being conducted in order to adapt the Party itself to these changes.

The education campaign will be an important measure to elevate the Party's governance capability, consolidate its ruling status and complete its governing missions while maintaining the nation's permanent stability. The campaign will help to overcome outstanding problems related to its ideology, its organisation and work style within the Party.

Another feature of the campaign is that the Party will set up an open-ended long-term mechanism to invite comments from non-party personages so as to guarantee the effectiveness of the campaign. The mechanism will remain even after the education campaign concludes.

The campaign is not only to resolve problems of the party members, but also to address the complaints of common people.

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