The Guardian 26 January, 2005

Torture article tops Google News

Online news hounds clicked with fury to the People's Weekly World web site on Friday, January 7, to read Tim Wheeler's story "Memo reveals Bush OK'd torture", making it the top US news story on Google News.

The People's Weekly World is one of 4,500 news sources for the widely used search engine. Thrilled PWW readers called the US communist paper's office. Many posted the story to other web sites and list servers. There were a number of first-time readers that didn't like the story and the paper heard from them, too. The number of hits crashed PWW's server, but it was quickly up and running again thanks to its technicians. After service restoration the web site logged 46,617 hits. The story has now been posted on 116 other websites.

Congratulations People's Weekly World newspaper!

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